About 30% of the US Workforce Actually Changes Jobs Each Year (Source: US Dept of Labor)

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, US, April 4, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — With 132 million in the US working full-time as of December 2022, over 50 million workers per year make a career change. These numbers are reflected year after year; it is not a one-time recent statistic.

“I first saw statistics like this around 2013 when my organization was researching the reasons people changed jobs,” said Joseph Schmoke, CEO of Alternatives to College LLC. “I wanted to find the answer to my favorite question: Why?”

He learned that the top reasons for changing jobs include better opportunity, higher pay, better work-life balance, and personal growth, particularly as it relates to skills and experience. “No surprises here,” Schmoke commented. He was curious to learn what career changers were looking for that would help them select a new career. The solution that made most sense was to search for careers that are expected to grow over the next five or ten years. If the career was appealing, learn the skills required for that career. While learning the new skills, look for jobs in that category. This process, successfully used by thousands, takes about ten to twelve months to complete. This approach, Schmoke stresses, is far more economical than enrolling in an expensive, time consuming college degree program.

As a former university CEO, Schmoke knew that lengthy and costly degree programs were not the best choice for most career changers, especially for those older than traditional college age. He was surprised to learn that a significant portion of those enrolled in non-degree skill programs, like coding or cybersecurity or healthcare, already held a college degree. Apparently, these college grads weren’t seeing the career progress, or satisfaction, they had hoped for. Relatively short and inexpensive skill programs were an obvious answer.

“With the results of our research in-hand, the decision was made to create a comprehensive online directory of non-degree schools and the skill programs they offered,” stated Schmoke. After starting with 250 schools, Schmoke’s team found almost two thousand schools collectively offering more than six thousand skill programs, all of which are faster and cheaper than college. These schools were added and now Alternatives to College https://alternativestocollege.com lists schools and programs in seven industry categories. “And we are adding more categories every month, including international offerings and college certificate programs,” Schmoke said.

Categories currently available on the site include technology, healthcare, cosmetology and barbering, arts and media, mechanical/trades, and cannabis. Visit the free no-obligation site https://alternativestocollege.com to peruse the categories and the wide selection of online or in-person programs. Those considering a career change or hoping for a better position at their current employer will likely find skill programs that appeal to them. Alternatives to College’s CEO invites those folks – all ninety million of them – to its free site. “There’s no pain but maybe lots to gain. Check it out today,” Schmoke offered. https://alternativestocollege.com

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