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Alternatives to College is your pathway to the high paying, fulfilling and enjoyable career in computer coding that you deserve. Our unmatched nationwide network of training academies, bootcamps and skill schools offer you the widest array of training programs anywhere in America. Graduates of our partner programs can earn upwards of six figures, have thousands of employers to choose from and are among the highest in-demand workers anywhere.

Regardless of how much experience you start with, Alternatives to College has a program designed to launch you into your new high paying career, quicker than you could imagine!

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Traditional higher education, advanced degrees and massive student loan debt may be fine for some, but simply aren’t obtainable or affordable for all. For those looking to gain new skills quickly and inexpensively, increase their salaries, and expand their career prospects, Alternatives to College is here to help.

We connect you with the proper training, education, certification, and preparation through our network of skill schools including boot camps. We help lead you to a faster, cheaper, and often more lucrative pathway to an exciting new career.

Our comprehensive, industry-best directory can help find you the match tailored precisely to your needs. Whether you prefer in-person instruction or remote, online classes at your own pace, Alternatives to College has the right skill schools with the right certifications for you.

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