Tech Needs Talent… Badly Here’s The Solution

Tech Needs Talent… Badly – Here’s The Solution

Across the United States, employers are having an extremely difficult time finding and retaining talent. The market for skilled labor in particular has become so tight, we’re now on the verge of a major jobs crisis.

According to the US Labor Department, there are now over 11 million positions that need to be filled, many of which are high paying jobs in technology.[1]

But even with escalating salaries and attractive bonus structures within the industry, tech is in desperate need of computer coders, web developers, software engineers and data scientists, and is having an exceedingly difficult time finding them.

Worse, many companies in the industry have failed to invest in upskilling their current workforce to fill their needs.

Additionally, while the tech industry is more than willing to pay a premium for employees, few job seekers realize that qualifying for a high salaried position in tech require a master’s degree or years of coding experience.

In fact, almost anyone can learn computer coding and obtain the skills to get hired, even if they have zero experience in tech.

Now, to avert a crippling jobs crisis, employers must invest in their current workforce.

According to the Corporate Leadership Council, “engaged” employees are 87% less likely to leave their current role.[2] Employees who are offered the opportunity to expand their skillsets and grow within the organization will stay on board and offer incredible ROI to employers.

Keeping employees engaged by offering continued upskilling is a must. Tech upskilling and computer coding bootcamps (See HERE) allow employers to turn eager employees into top talent assets.

For employers, this is a no-brainer, as coding bootcamps are extremely cost effective and can produce certified “graduates” in as little as a few weeks.

Conversely, job seekers, even those with no computer experience, can quickly obtain the same certifications and find high-paying employment in tech, which has shown to offer an average 56% increase in salary.[3] (See HERE).

The solution to the tech jobs crisis is twofold. Employers must invest in upskilling, and job seekers must realize they can become highly qualified tech candidates, a surprisingly short period of time.

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