Alternatives to College has the nation’s largest publicly accessible, curated database of bootcamps and training academies. Collectively, we refer to them as skill schools. No matter your level of experience, location, or current work situation, we have the skill school for you!

Traditional higher education, advanced degrees and massive student loan debt may be fine for some, but we know this might not be good for you. If you are looking to gain new skills quickly and inexpensively, increase your compensation, and expand your career prospects, Alternatives to College is here for you.

We connect you with the proper training, certification, and preparation through our network of skill schools. We help lead you embark on a faster, cheaper, and often more lucrative pathway to an exciting new position or career.

Our comprehensive, industry-best curated database can help you find the skill school tailored precisely to your needs and ambitions. Whether you prefer in-person instruction or self-paced online classes, Alternatives to College has the right skill school offering the right certifications for you. (Simply click here to get started)

Our comprehensive skill school network evolved from the initial work done by Ryan Craig and Cassidy Leventhal for Ryan’s book, “A NEW U: Faster + Cheaper Alternatives to College.” The initial collection of college alternatives  was developed by a team led by Cassidy. Ryan is Managing Director of Achieve Partners and University Ventures , two of the most influential investment groups in postsecondary education and workforce development. Cassidy is a vice president at Achieve Partners and University Ventures. Prior to this she was a management consultant at McKinsey & Company.

Alternatives to College LLC founder and CEO, L. Joseph Schmoke, conceived the vision, provided the initial capital, and is the organization’s principal executive. An entrepreneur since 1974, he was chairman and CEO of Andrew Jackson University (AJU) from 2005 to 2010. While at AJU he co-founded and spun-off ProctorU, now the world’s premier online proctoring organization.

Aleksandra Vukadinovic, a senior manager at University Research & Review, is also an executive at Alternatives to College. Karan Patel, manager of social media and special projects, has worked with Mr. Schmoke since 2018. Barry Layne, a shareholder, served as president for Alternatives to College and was instrumental in its early development.


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