Skill Escalator Inc. and Alternatives to College LLC are offering partial scholarships for six-week online courses in Artificial Intelligence. These courses, provided by top-rated organizations, are designed to enhance your AI skills and credentials.

Course Highlights:

∙Applied AI: Perfect for professionals looking to integrate AI into their skillset. This 6-week course offers practical, hands-on projects to help you master essential AI tools and applications in the workplace.

∙Generative AI for Developers: Whether you’re an entry-level, mid-level, or senior-level developer, this course will teach you impressive AI techniques. Gain a competitive edge with expert guidance over six weeks.

How to Apply: To apply for a scholarship or learn more, visit Fill out the simple scholarship form with no obligation or cost. On the Courses page at, click on “Request More Information,” and you’ll be contacted by an expert in your chosen course to explain the program. Now is the perfect time to enhance your skills with AI credentials. Visit today!

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