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Contact Information
City: Redmond
State: WA
2205 152nd Ave NE 98052
Program: Cyber Security

The fastest Cybersecurity path for new tech workers Through our Bootcamps, you will acquire hands-on cybersecurity skills and learn how to protect everything from web applications to the critical infrastructure that we depend on to survive, such as our food and water supplies. Train so you can land a top tech job as a security analyst or manager. Put everything you learn into practical context. Our engagement model is live online classes with live instructors, quizzes, and extensive hands-on labs. Classes are streamed online and recorded to provide on-demand access. Students will also have access to electronic training material in PDF format and virtual lab environments to perform exercises in the cloud. Each week includes 40hrs of instruction. The daily schedule includes 2 to 3hrs of lecture combined with 5 to 6hrs of lab exercises in both individual and group settings. Labs are instructor-led and guided by practicing subject matter experts who can give real examples of how the content being discussed is relevant during an attack and how topics relate to other technologies. Much like Harvard’s case study method, we strive to present each concept as an example of things the instructor has seen in practice and give students opportunities to work through challenges. Our training is applied. The complexity of learning Cybersecurity is that it’s not a single technology – security involves the integration of systems on one hand AND on the other hand, you are reverse engineering of how that integration took place so that you can identify weaknesses. Security is an art as much as it is a science and mastered through years of trial and error. This is why legacy educational institutions have been unable to meet employer demands. Our training accelerates student learning because of the field experience that instructors bring to the classroom. Creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving are pillars of security that our students will learn via the CyberWarrior Cybersecurity Training program.

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